According to ISO9001 quality assurance system and ISO14001 environment management system, and through adopting ISO1248 & EN 12878 quality standard, Deqing Color Pigments Co., Ltd established a complete raw material evaluation, precise production control, strict testing procedure and comprehensive tracking system, to assure the color consistency and the quality of the products. 

Quality assurance systemISO9001:2008                      

Environment management systemISO14001
Quality standard
Test method
Color tolerance
ΔE≤1.0ΔL≤0.8Δa≤0.8Δb≤0.8;tinting strength 97% -103%                     

Quality control technical data: Fe2O3 content; Moisture and volatile matter at 105; Water soluble salts; Residue on 45um Sieve; PH value; Oil absorption; Density  

Deqing Color Pigments Co., Ltd relies on advanced laboratory facilities and highly-qualified technicians, to exercise strict management of production process inspection, quality control, change control and environment monitoring, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the products, and provide more thoughtful and perfect sample testing and color matching services to customers home and abroad.