The earth is our home. The development of human history has proved that only pay attention to developing the economy, regardless of environment protection, it is not feasible to seek economic development at the expense of sacrificing the environment. The development road of "pollution first, treatment later" has made us pay a high price, but meanwhile, we have more profound understanding of the environment protection.

Environment protection is taken by administrative, legal, economic, science and technology and other aspects of the measures to protect our living environment from pollution and destruction, which is the foundation to ensure the long-term stable economic growth and achieve sustainable development.

As an iron oxide pigment manufacturer, Deqing Color Pigments Co., Ltd has had a deep understanding by its own experiences that the environment protection awareness is very important to the enterprise. Our company will continue to abide by the national environment protection laws and regulations and strict implement the requirements of ISO14001 environment management system, and keep up with the times. In the future, the competition between enterprises is not only the competition of the products, but also the environment protection ability of enterprises. Without advanced awareness of environment protection and continuous investment in environment protection, enterprises will eventually be shut down and eliminated.

The main production process of iron oxide pigment is that iron scraps react with nitric acid and sulfuric acid, after a series of reactions and treatment, and ultimately get iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black and other pigments. In the reaction process of iron scraps and nitric acid, a large number of NH4+ are formed, so that the ammonia and nitrogen concentration of production wastewater is very high, while the pH is very low, and Fe2+ and Fe3+ content is very large, if discharged into the water body, will result in serious pollution.

The environment protection measure of iron oxide pigment production is mainly in wastewater treatment, at present our high concentration ammonia and nitrogen wastewater treatment system by using high efficiency stripping system, when treating the wastewater of ammonia and nitrogen concentration up to 2000 ~ 4000 mg/L and water temperature higher than 25, the removal rate can reach above 95%, after treatment the ammonia and nitrogen concentration of wastewater is less than to 15 mg/L, which is lower than the strict first class national emission standard.

In the future Deqing Color Pigments Co., Ltd will continue to bear its social responsibility, increasing investment in environment protection, maintaining the leading level in wastewater treatment and environment protection awareness, contributing our own strength to protect and clean our earth. We have only one earth, in the blue sky!